We offer MyHome automation system from bticino. PABX Telephone System is a module of the MyHome which may be installed as a stand alone or as part of an integrated installation.(System Integration & Control)

Telephone System & Video Door Entry System & Automation in ONE solution. bticino touch phones. Making a telephone call, managing the home automation and the video door entry system of the home, the shop, or the office, today is possible with one single solution, thanks to the new BTicino telephone system. Thanks to the use of the new PBAX telephone switchboard, the installation of the new Iryde Touch Phone telephone system, which can be perfectly integrated with the  BTicino 2 wire video door entry system, ensures at all times the possibility of expanding the system, adding advanced home automation and telephone functions. Therefore, the new telephone system has the distinguishing characteristic of being a perfectly scalable system; this means that it can be used to manage a simple call, but also to adjust the temperature in a zone of the home.



1. Telephone System

Display of the number of the caller on all the extensions, including for intercom calls (CID service).

General call for all the extensions.

Pager service, broadcasting handsfree on all amplifiers.

Selection of the handset from the PSTN telephone line using the voice menu (DISA service).

Typical functions of the PABX switchboard.


2. Video Door Entry System

Transfer of door entry system call to the telephone line or mobile device (DOSA service).

Remote door lock release.

Unlimited intercommunication within the building.

Answer of door entry system calls using the telephone.


3. My Home Automation

System management: Automation, Sound System, Temperature control and Burglar alarm.

Remote management with voice guide.

Management from cordless devices (door lock release, and answering of video door entry system calls).




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