We offer MyHome automation system from bticino. Energy Management is a module of this system which may be installed as a stand alone or as part of an integrated installation.(System Integration & Control)

Control of Split Unit Airconditions, VRV's, Central Heating and Fan Coil Systems. May switch the air condition or central heating on before arriving at the building. Central control though the automation system. Scenario control to switch on/off automatically the A/Cs. Switch on-off the A/Cs from mobile phone, Ipad etc. Central heating with matching temperature sensors. May check air conditioning consumption through the Touch screen.


The system can perform the following functions:

1.Zone Temperature control (up to 99 zones)

2. Conumption display

3. Load control Management

Zone temperature control: Heating or Cooling only when and where needed. Using this function, the user can decide the temperature of each individual room based on its use and the time of day. It is also possible to select the rooms that are not being used, and therefore don't need to be heated. The activation of the system also takes into account the heat produced by the sun.

Consumption display: The user can display on the touch screen not only the consumptions inside their home (power, water and gas), but also the energy and hot water ouput obtained using photovoltaic or solar panels. With a few simple steps, the user can select the type of consumption that needs to be checked, the type of display (instantaneous or graphs), and the period (day, month,year) Extremely useful information, for using ones own systems at their best, reducing waste and faults.

Load Control Management: This function can be used to manage the maximum power to be used, and automatically disconnect the least important appliances in case of overload. Using the Touch screens, the user can check the total consumption of the individual circuit, and decide if the priorities need changing.The user can also decide to delay the activation of a particular load, for example switching on the washing machine.



Touch Screen with glass plate - Consumption display



Thermostat with metal plate - Click on the picture to see different plate

Click here to download meaning of icons and keys




4-Zone thermostat with wooden plate



 Management of Phovoltaic &Solar Panels


By integrating the burglar-alarm system with the heating-cooling system, it is possible to set a particularly useful function, which can bring in important energy savings, by avoiding unwanted dispersion of heat-cool to the outside, for example when changing the air inside the building. In practice, when the doors or windows of a room are opened, the heating-cooling system of the temperature control zone of that room is automatically turned off. The opening and closing of doors and windows is detected by the burglar-alarm system contact interface, which reads the status of the NC contact installed on the door or window, and sends the information to the temperature control system for the appropriate actions.


Energy efficiency video




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