Our Company


The Company was established in 1963 by Mr Petros Pieros and it became a limited company in 1981. During the early days Petros Pieros Ltd. was involved only with the supply of electrical installation materials. In 1983 the company moved to a new and bigger showroom. This step facilitated the rapid expansion in the lighting sector. In the early nineties a strategic plan was formed in an attempt to gain a bigger market share in the lighting business. Part of this plan was the construction of a modern Showroom that was ready by September 1996.

In 2006 the extension of the current facilities began and it was concluded by mid 2007. The store and the showroom were expanded to cater for the increased amount of business. In the following years the company expanded in the Home & Building Automation business by embracing new technologies.

There is a vertical integration of the purchasing/selling process dealing with imports, wholesale distribution and retailing. The management pays particular attention to the choice of suppliers based primarily on their quality. The company is well established as a provider of high quality products and services and is serving the medium-high end of the market..

The wholesale business is about 35%, the project business is about 30% and the remaining 35% is retail business resulting in a good spread between professional and retail customers. The biggest customer does not exceed the 2% of the total turnover making the company immune to the loss of any given customer account.



Mr Petros Pieros during  the 60's at the first shop of the company in Hadziloizi Mehailidi street at the historical city centre.





Participation of the company in 1990 Cyprus international fair.

From left to right Mr Petros Pieros, the president of Cyprus Mr George Vasiliou & Mr Michael Palmer from Tenby factory.


  Petros Pieros Ltd.    Limassol, Cyprus.  info@petrospieros.eu